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Nikki & Joel

Co-Owners of Mike Moon Studio


We're so glad you are here! It's difficult to write an "about us", when nothing is about us at all. It's all about YOU. It's about your family. It's about the dress, the details, the vows, the laughs, the tears..... It's about capturing moments you will treasure for the rest of your life.

We absolutely LOVE what we do, creating memories and forging relationships with couples and their families! We believe that a wedding day is sacred and these special moments have to be captured regardless of wedding day circumstances. From backup photographers to a lighting system that ensures your photos are perfect in any light, everything is done to ensure your memories are secure. We believe in serving our clients which is why we have curated a team that does just that...Serve!                                                                 

Ok, but who is Mike Moon......

Mike Moon was an individual wedding photographer. Joel partnered with Mike in 2014 and built the Studio into what you see today.  In 2017, Joel bought Mike's share of the company. The company was already established so the name remained, but Mike is no longer associated with the studio.  

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