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COVID-19 Postponement Guarantee
We have your back!

At Mike Moon Studio we understand the effect COVID-19 has on planning your perfect wedding day. We want our clients to know that we are here to help ease the anxiety of “what if.”  

Every wedding purchased at Mike Moon Studio comes with our COVID-19 postponement guarantee. If your wedding is postponed because either the Bride or Groom contract COVID-19 or because the wedding cannot proceed due to a government mandated closure of your venue, we will waive all postponement fees ($500) and move your wedding to any available date* the studio has at no additional charge**


If your postponement is due to venue closure and you decide to have a small elopement ceremony on your original wedding date, we will provide a photographer to cover that ceremony (up to a half hour) at no additional charge***


We are all in this together and Mike Moon Studio has your back and your backup plan! 


All the best,

Joel, Todd, Harley and The Mike Moon Studio Family

COVID-19 Postponement Guarantee Applies to new bookings on or after September 1, 2021

*    A date that the studio has availability to cover. We make no guarantee that the date you choose will be available so please check with us before booking a new date.

**  All postponement fees ($500) from section 4.1 of the Mike Moon Studio Wedding Assignment Agreement are waived if this Guarantee is triggered by one of two qualifying events: Bride and/or Groom contract COVID-19 during the 14 day period immediately preceding the wedding date or the venue is closed by government mandate. Client is still responsible for any added mileage because of new event location and any difference in the base rate due to a selection of a higher priced date. In no event will this cost exceed $200 plus mileage. In the vast majority of cases there would be nothing additional owed.

***Milage may apply based on the location of the elopement ceremony. This part of the guarantee only applies to Photography Clients. Videography coverage is not included but may be added at current rates.

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